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EMI faces showdown over bank debt

Posted by Kino on December 20, 2009 at 9:56 PM Comments comments (1)


EMI faces showdown over bank debt


Fears are growing that EMI may be close to breaching key lending agreements with its banks. The music firm must show it can meet the terms of its bank loans at the end of the calendar year.


Butrecent industry figures suggest its share of album sales have dropped for the second year running. The continuing decline is a severe blow in a year when EMI launched The Beatles' collection of digitally remastered albums as well as records from top-sellers Lily Allen and Coldplay.


This sparked concerns that EMI, which is owned byTerra Firma, the private equity group run by Guy Hands, might breach an agreement over the ratio of its earnings to its net debt.


Out of tune: Fears are growing that record label EMI may breach the terms of its bank loans - despite top-selling records from Lily Allen (above) and Coldplay 


If it does, one option could be that Hands injects millions of pounds into the business to deal with the potential covenant issues.


 More... Fears grow over EMI loan target: Music giant could face take over Why investors need to be cautious in 2010 Will house prices rise in 2010? One source said this weekend that no decision has yet been taken on whether that would be necessary.


The other option is that EMI could face a takeover by America's Citigroup which is owed £2.6bn by Terra Firma.


This is the latest twist in the increasingly bitter wranglings between Hands and Citigroup. Terra Firma bought EMI in 2007 for £4bn with £2.6bn of the debt supplied by Citigroup.


But the private equity firm is now suing Citigroup through the US courts over its role in the sale, claiming Citigroup falsely said there were other bidders for the record company, when they had pulled out.


Kino's Thoughts:

-Hey Aint Coldplay Got Enough Money that was Milked Out of them on the year 2008? for their Mega - Platinum Selling Album Viva la Vida? Sheezzz EMI Start Organizing your finances.. and Lily Allen's album also is succesful.... Comeon



Live Photoblog from Exeter

Posted by The Widow on December 19, 2009 at 8:49 AM Comments comments (5)

Good morning. Later today, Coldplay are playing a very special show in Chris's hometown of Exeter, in aid of Mencap. All 500 tickets have been snapped up, but we'll be offering a behind-the-scenes view of what's happening with another of our live photoblogs RIGHT HERE on Coldplay.com.

Join us on this very page from around 3pm this afternoon (well, assuming our train makes it to Exeter on time...).

We look forward to sharing a virtual mince pie with you...



2:31pm: Sigh. Our train is indeed running rather late. Looking like we're going to be a wee bit later than 3. Sorry folks.

3:31pm: We made it! We're in the castle. EJ, the band's assistant, is ironing shirts and we can hear the band sound-checking. We'd better scoot and get some pics before they finish...

3:50pm: Right, so here are some pictures of the soundcheck, which is still going on. Thanks to the power of dongle (albeit with a slow connection) we're typing this while we watch. Good ol' technology. Now, picttures...

3:51pm: Crikey, Coldplay's elusive fifth member, Mr Phil Harvey, is on stage shaking a tambourine. Could he be making his live debut tonight? Man's got rhythm.

3:56pm: The C-stage turns out to be right next to where we're typing. Which is nice. Billie Jean in extreme close-up. Quality.

4:00pm: Sadly, we can't have both the dongle and the camera plugged into our laptop at the same time (to paraphrase Huey Lewis, they're just too darn wide). So pictures of all this to follow. For now, Chris is practicing Til Kingdom Come, which sounds very lovely indeed.

4:03pm: The soundcheck is now officially over. And so to the pictures...

4:09pm: Here's a pic of the C-stage soundcheck (no zoom needed)

4:17pm: So, soundcheck over. Gig starts in just under 5 hours. Anything you'd like to know? [email protected]

4:29pm: "How's everyone keeping warm? It's summer here in Australia, so it's hard to imagine it being cold right now." Love, Ging

Well, it's certainly very chilly here, but the dressing room and marquee where the gig is happening are both nicely heated. So we're quite toasty, thanks Ging.

4:34pm: We've just been giving the band an update on the End of Decade Clearout Sale,which already has bids totally well over £30,000, despite only aquarter of the lots currently being on sale. It's fair to say that they're very chuffed indeed. Thanks for your generosity folks.

4:37pm: There we were saying how cosy it is, but it's actually starting to get quite chilly. Will is making cups of tea all round to warm everyone up. Meanwhile, Jonny is very pleased that Spurs are winning. And there's general amazement at the Fulham vMan Utd score (3-0?!).

4:40pm: "Hi Anchorman! Can we pretty please get a coldplaying shoutout? :)" - Caitlyn

Of course you can Caitlyn. Big up the Coldplaying massive! And merry Christmas to you, one and all. In other news, Chris has gone off to spend time with his family (cos he's from around these parts).


Right, we're the only one with internet in this whole place (go dongle!) and Coldplay's manager wants to borrow it. So we're giving the laptop to him for a bit. Back soon...

4:55pm: OK, we're back. Hot food has arrived and has been greeted with considerable excitement. We're having a hog roast roll, which is extremely tasty (and seems oddly appropriate given we're in a castle). We're also pleased to report that the Will-made tea we're washing it down with is a very good cuppa indeed.


5:01pm: La Roux are currently sound-checking down in the marquee. Sounds good. Lily Allen, though has had to pull out of tonight's show, which is a pity.


5.13pm: A few of you have emailed [email protected] asking for a picture of the castle. This is the most castle-y view we can see from here...

5:25pm: New Exhibit is up (and very nice it is too).

5:35pm: What are the band doing RIGHT NOW? Ask quite a lot of you (including Helen K)

Well, Guy is chilling in the dressing room. Will is reading the paper (he's much tickled by this article in today's Guardian). Jonny has gone for a stroll. And Chris is still with the rellies.


5.40pm: Several of you (including Kaitie and Karen) have asked for a picture of Phil. This is the best we've got...


5.45pm: What do you want for christmas, Anchorman? Emily P

Good question Emily. Um... we'd like.... a snowmobile and some snow to whizz up and down on. (First thing that came to mind.) And you?

6:11pm: Sorry we got caught up talking to Coldplay's manager (a king of anecdotes).


Anyway, here's Jonny! Back from his walk. Has he finished his Christmas shopping? "Nearly"

6.25pm: Jonny just asked to look at thePremier League table on our laptop (we're still the only ones withinternet). We bargained, and demanded a photo in return...

6:26pm: Dan Green is here, Coldplay'slegendary soundman. Does anyone have a question for him? Email [email protected] quick smartish...

6:28pm: Can you ask Dan what it was like to be in the Nappies? :D Brooke

"It was fun. And I enjoyed the wig!"

6:30pm: Do you brag about your job to everyone?- Emily S.

(Dan laughs) "No!"

6:31pm: Hey Dan. Are you ever teased about having the same name as a famous boxer? Kaitie

From the baffled look on Dan's face, we'll take that as a no.


Jonny has, though, just pointed out that Dan used to play basketball for Enfield U17s.

6:33pm: What is your favourite Coldplay song? Vera

"Um... Strawberry Swing"

6:38pm: To Dan Green: How many instruments do you play, if any? Christina F

"Five. And a laptop."

The five are - guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and clarinet. (Jonny is amazed by this last revelation)

6.40pm: Has Dan Green ever messed up doing his soundman job?! asks Amy

"Not that I'm going to admit with Jonny listening"

6.41pm: Dan, which stadium sounded the best at the last tour?

"Ooooh.... Wembley."

Tour Manager Franksy has chipped in with "Paris".

"Oh yes, that too."

6.43pm: Right, who's got a question for Tour Manager Franksy? [email protected]

6:44pm: Franksy, how long have you known the band? Christina F

"I've worked with them for five years. I met them a few years before that at some festivals and TV shows"

6:46pm: Franksy, what's YOUR favorite Coldplay song? -Zoe

"Um...um... probably Viva, I think. Cos it just has unique reaction at a liveconcert, unlike anything I've seen or heard before"

6:48pm: hey where do you get your hats???thanks ..Laurie

"From my hat cupboard, by the kitchen. There are over 40 hats in there. But only in three or four styles."

6:48pm: Franksie, do you ever get tired of moving around constantly? Emily P

"Yes, that's why I stand still regularly. I am looking forward to standing in one place all over Christmas (next to the turkey)"

6.50pm: Franksy - How many butterflies were blown on the Viva tour? From Phil

"2,437,212. It should have been 2,437,213. But Geoff security stole one for his cousin."

6.52pm: Fransky, are you excited about the Latin America Tour?

"Yes, I love Latin America. It's my favourite place in South America. I can't wait to get there."

6:54pm: Franksy, how was the downtime since Wembley? Are you well-rested or still stiff from

all that touring? -Michael R.

"There hasn't been any. It never stops in Coldplay world. (I've been counting butterflies.)"

6:56pm: What's your favorite country to visit? Thanks :) Laura L

"Argentina. I just think it's great. Actually, it's good to have visited as many countries as your age. I've done that."

6.58pm: Franksy, do you prefer Chris with or without the afro?

"Actually, I've never had an afro, so I couldn't say" (Huzzah!)

7:00pm: Right, we've persuaded Jonny to answer a few. Email [email protected] now - with your question in the subject...

7.02pm: Hey Jonny! What's your favorite food! Christina

"That's a really tough question. I like all food apart from Turkish Delight."

7.04pm: JONNY, how are you feeling about todays gig? Nervous? Emily P

"I'm not really nervous about playing the gig, but I am a little nervous that I'll have forgotten to play the songs. But I'm sure it'll be a forgiving crowd."

7.05pm: Jonny, how is the new material coming along???? Zoe

"Very well. We have a strong idea of what we want to do in the new year. Thanks for asking."

7:08pm: "How do you feel about your stuff going in the eBay auction?

"WellI did feel genuine pangs of regret about the black and white telecasteras I played it for soundcheck this evening. You folks better bid high on that one!"

7.10pm: Jonny, what's your favourite Christmas movie? Nadina

"I really like Bad Santa. And Muppet Christmas Carol is good too."

7.11pm: Jonny, if you didn't end up as amember of Coldplay (that's not an option of course, but what if), what would you be doing right now? -Linda M

"I'd be on the Tottenham team bus travelling back from Blackburn having scored two goals, playing poker with Robbie Keane"

7.15pm: Jonny, are you excited about the World Cup? Steph

"Yes. I actually think we're going to win it. I really do. Beating Brazil 7-0 in the final. Hahaha!"

7.16pm: Jonny, what's your favorite Christmas carol?

"I Saw Three Ships. Or, as our daughter calls it, two boats."


As we asked that question, the brass band which has replaced Lily Allen has just started playing Hark The Herald Angel Sing.

7.19pm: Jonny! Did you have a good breakfast today? Amy W

"Yes, I did. I had scrambled eggs and bacon."

OK, one more...


7.22pm: Dear Jonny, What is your favorite type of cheese?

"I actually really like Jarlsberg. It has a delicious nutty flavour! Hahaha!"

Thanks Jonny. Top man.

We'll see if we can grab someone else for questions later...

7.28pm: So, who's got a question for Coldplay's personal assistant EJ? [email protected]

7.33pm: EJ, which is your favourite country? Tamara

"Australia. It's got lovely beaches, lovely climate and it's almost like home"

7.34pm: EJ.. Your favorite Coldplay gig on the Viva la vida European tour? Julie

"I didn't actually see a full show. In fact, I've never actually seen a whole show in my two tours with the band. So I couldn't really say for sure!"

7.36pm: EJ, your favourite Coldplay song? Vera

"I think probably Strawberry Swing"


Ooh, it's a popular one!

7:30pm: "EJ, how long have you been working as a personal assistant for Coldplay?" -Katie G.

"I've been working for the band since 2005, in wardrobe, and then became their personal assistant in 2006."

Before that, she tells us, she was in on-the-road catering.

7.41pm: Hello EJ! Why the mysterious intitials and not just your name? Thanks! Camilla

"Because my name is quite long and it's just easier! But Chris calls me Ski-J, because I do like skiing!"

7.42pm: EJ, do you play any instruments? Rania.

"Not any more. I used to play the organ, though."

7:45pm: EJ, is there any job in the world that you would actually prefer to your current job? Imke

"I actually can't think of one. Um... no I don't think there is."

7:46pm: Right. It's Phil's turn! Get those questions in to [email protected] (put the question in the subject, please)

7:49pm: Hmm, Phil has disappeared. He will, we hope, be back in a sec.

7:53pm: Phil, if you could live in a foreign country, what would it be ? Clementine

"Australia. I lived there before and I loved it. And because I like kangaroos."

7:54pm: Philly, Do many people recognize you other than at Coldplay concerts? If so, do you enjoy the attention?- Emily S.

"No, never. It's very dispiriting!"

7:56pm: Hi, Phil! What's your favorite Coldplay song? Juliana

"I'm going to go for Clocks."

7.56pm: Phil, what's your favourite Christmas carol Amanda

"The Angel Gabriel"

7:58pm: dear phil: what is your favorite band? besides coldplay  Fatima

"The Smashing Pumpkins"

And with that, he's off to watch a bit of La Roux.

8.00pm: Hi Phil! What was your favorite gig this tour so far?

"Parc de Princes in Paris. It was perfect"

8:08pm: Hmm, this post didn't post when we meant it to. Here it is now. It's pictures. Including an amazing wardrobe rail...

8.22pm: La Roux is on now - and we've just been to take a couple of pictures (hence the gap between posts). And here they are...

Sounds good in there.


And this is the bar...


8:34pm: Chris, warming up a few minutes ago...

Stage in 10 mins...

8:48pm: Sorry for the gap in service, theband are practicing a cover version for tonight (shhh!) and needed thelaptop/dongle to get the lyrics. So we've just had the very surrealexperience of being in the midst of the four of them, using our laptopas an autocue. Cover sounds ace. And our laptop is feeling very proudof itself.


8:57pm: OK, we might disappear for alittle bit to take some pictures of them coming on and ting. But we'llbe back soon. Now might be a good time to make a cup of tea.

9:20pm: OK, the gig has begun, and we've smuggled the laptop over to the side of the stage. Pics to follow...

9:27pm: Picture splurge, from dressing room to gig (the crowd are making a HELLUVA lot of noise for 500 people)

(the huddle was back in the dressing room and included everyone there - including us - so we couldn't take pics. Sorry.)

This gig is giving us goosebumps. Fact.

9:41pm: A little film on its way. The band are playing Fix You. And we're starting to feel a little weepy. What a decade, eh?

9:44pm: It could take the dongle a wee while to upload the film. Bear with us. In the meantime, we're off to take some pics from the back (not quite as long a walk as it was at Wembley...)

9:47pm: Ah, except, as anyone readingsince the start might remember, we can't have an internet connection atthe same time as uploading pics. So we'll have to wait for the vid. 8mins. The band are currently playing Strawberry Swing, which as we nowknow is a big favourite amongst the crew. For the record, it'sdefinitely in our Top 3 too.


9.50pm: How cold is in Exeter at the moment? Greetings from the snowy Spain. Antonio

Well, Antonio. It's VERY cold outside, but VERY warm inside. Contrasts.

9.57pm: Well done dongle. This is how the show started, after the band were introduced on stage by Jo Whiley and her sister.

10.04pm: How the C-stage looked...

Viva just happened. And it was mighty.

10:13pm: A few more live shots. Four songs to go. Those Q&As were ace, by the way - thanks for sending the questions.


10.15pm: I never quite understood; if Roadie #42 is the official blogger, why are you, Anchorman, responsible for the live blogs? - Anita N, Canada

Because, during gigs, Mr#42 has buttons to push and dials to twiddle. But we're both part ofthe same loving Coldplay.com family.

10.18pm: OK, we're on to the last 3 songs. Chris is back out there on his own playing The Scientist. Exeteris providing backing vocals. First line changed to "Come down to Devon..."

10:24pm: It's LITii now - that might just be in our Top 3 too. Wish the puppets were here.

10.28pm: OK, it's time for the Christmas special which our laptop helped out with earlier. It's Happy Christmas (War Is Over) by John Lennon. And it sounds very, very lovely indeed.

10:36pm: The pre-encore huddle...

And the encore itself...

10:40pm: Goodnight Exeter


That was ace.

10:46pm: A very happy Chris just told us he thought the show was "really great fun". The crowd certainly thought so. We did too.

And that's it from us. Thanks, as ever, for reading this and for all your emails (well over 1,000 of them today). And for generally being such terrific supporters of Coldplay. Hope you all have a great Christmas. And keep on bidding...


(A couple of you have emailed to say you can't see the blog pictures anymore - we're trying to work out why. Please bear with us on that one...)

British Stamps Honor Classic Album Covers

Posted by The Widow on December 13, 2009 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)

mababasa ang buong lathalain dito.

Having been on vinyl, CD and digital formats over the years, some of British music's most enduring albums -- including ones by Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones and Coldplay -- are now transformed into the latest new medium: postage stamps.


On Jan. 7, Royal Mail, Britain's postal service, will be issuing a series of 10 stamps commemorating classic album covers from the last 40 years. According to a Royal Mail press release, the stamps were chosen solely for their art design based on the input of British music editors, design writers and graphic designers. In addition to the album cover art, each stamp depicts a portion of a vinyl record coming out of the sleeve.


"For decades the album sleeve has been the canvas for some of the most imaginative graphic artists in the world," Julietta Edgar, the Royal Mail's head of special stamps, said in a statement, "and this issue celebrates this unique art form and some of its greatest examples."


The selection of the Clash's 'London Calling' is especially gratifying to Sam Lowry, the son of the late Ray Lowry, who designed the album cover. "I think if he was still alive today, my father would be happy to have it used in this way," Lowry tellsSpinner. "He would relish in the thought of sticking a stamp on an envelope and posting it. He would probably post as many letters as possible just so he could use more of these stamps."


The cover for 'London Calling,' with a photograph by Pennie Smith, was inspired by Elvis Presley's 1956 self-titled album. "Quite simply, it's a great album cover," Lowry says. "The photo captures a brilliant time in music and the vibrant colours of the lettering makes you have to look twice at it. And also because of where the design was taken from, any rock and roll fan knows it is a direct steal from Elvis' 'rock and roll' album sleeve."


Asked what he plans to do with the stamps, Lowry also adds that he may put the stamps in a frame for safekeeping. "Another addition to my father's many achievements," he says.


Here is the full list of albums that will be featured on the stamps:

- The Rolling Stones' 'Let It Bleed' (1969)

- Led Zeppelin's untitled fourth album (1971)

- David Bowie's 'The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars' (1972)

- Mike Oldfield's 'Tubular Bells' (1973)

- The Clash's 'London Calling' (1979)

- New Order's 'Power, Corruption and Lies' (1983)

- Primal Scream's 'Screamdelica' (1991)

- Pink Floyd's 'The Division Bell' (1994)

- Blur's 'Parklife' (1994)

- Coldplay's 'A Rush of Blood to the Head' (2002)

Coldplay End of Decade Clearout Sale

Posted by The Widow on December 10, 2009 at 8:44 PM Comments comments (0)

mababasa ang buong lathalain dito.

Bid for a host of Coldplay equipment and memorabilia


 We're pleased to announce the Coldplay End of Decade Clearout Sale.


Overthe past ten years we've accumulated a lot of guitars, keyboards, amps,posters, platinum discs and all sorts of nostalgia. From December 17until December 31, we're going to auction them on eBay.


All items will either be signed by the four of us, or accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, again signed by all of us.


All proceeds will go to Kids Company, an incredible charity that helps vulnerable children and young people in London.


The auction starts at 5pm (UK time) on Thursday 17 December and ends at 5pm (UK Time) on Thursday 31 December


There will be a PDF catalogue of all the items, which will be available from Coldplay.com ahead of the auction.


Good luck with your bidding and Happy Christmas.




Posted by The Widow on December 7, 2009 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (1)

mababasa ang buong lathalain dito.

COLDPLAY are holed up in a dilapidated north London church crafting a new album.

The fellas only finished their latest leg of their gruelling world tour in September but they are back at the coal face again.

And the fans who worshipped at the altar of last album, Viva La Vida, will be glad to hear super producer BRIAN ENO is back on board, masterminding a brave new direction for the group.

Frontman CHRIS MARTIN is concerned the band are being seen as a huge stadium act and totally inaccessible for their loyal fans.

So he has devised a plan with rock deity Eno and bandmates JONNY BUCKLAND, GUY BERRYMAN and WILL CHAMPION to record a stripped-down, more acoustic collection in the eerie church.

It's a big step away from their old HQ, The Bakery in London's Primrose Hill, which has played a huge role in their sound to date.

A source said: "The band are keen to make hay while the sun shines.

"They have hit a rich vein with their songwriting and feel more creative than ever. Chris had wanted to record a new album while they were on the road but it was just too much.

"They have this work ethic while the going is good to just keep working as hard as possible."

Guitarist Jonny wed girlfriend Chloe only last month. But the source added: "Jonny has thrown himself into the new album, as have all the boys. The results are really exciting so far.

"Chris is determined not to be seen as a huge commercial rock juggernaut, filling stadiums and cashing in.

"This is the plan to keep them as close to their fans as possible."

The band aim to release the album next year, a lot earlier than anyone expected - not least their label EMI.

They have only one more album to deliver before they can move elsewhere, which will cause a huge stir in the industry.

Chris plansto test the songs early in 2010 on their closest pals by inviting them to the church to hear them live.

The band will then record "as live" in the church, then aim to do a tour of smaller venues for fans to hear the new stuff.

The late JAMES BROWN was known in music circles as the hardest working man in show business, but these boys are doing everything they can to take the title from the Godfather Of Soul.


Castle Gig For Coldplay's Martin

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mababasa ang buong lathalain dito.

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin is tobring the band back to his home city of Exeter for the first time inalmost a decade for a charity gig.

The band will play in front of just 500 fans at Exeter Castle on 19 December to raise money for Mencap.

The singer said it would be a "really, really special night".

"We're proud to support Mencap and, for me, it's exciting to play my hometown.We haven't played there since 2000," Martin said.

'Right ingredients'

"I don't think there could be a better way to end the decade."

Lily Allen and La Roux are also on the bill for the Big Noise Session.

Tickets, costing £50, will go on sale on the Little Noise Sessions website from 8 December.

For Martin's Exeter fans, there will also be a limited number of tickets on sale at the High Street branch of HMV.

The event will be hosted by Radio One presenter and Mencap ambassador Jo Whiley.

Whiley, who with Martin, has been the driving force behind theevent, said the gig had all the right ingredients, including a "beautiful location and one of the best bands in the world".

Since Coldplay formed in 1998 the band has become one of the biggest in the world, with record sales of more than 40 million.

In September the band played to an audience of about 50,000 at Manchester's Old Trafford Cricket Ground on the first UK leg of their world tour.

All the money raised at the Big Noise Session will go to Mencap which represents people with learning disabilities and works to improve services and challenge prejudices.


Jonny Buckland Ties the Knot

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mababasa ang buong lathalain dito.

Jonny weds his jewelry designer girlfriend, Chloe Lee-Evans, after years of dating and having one daughter together.

It's a weekend wedding for Coldplay's guitarist Jonny Buckland who married his longtime girlfriend Chloe Lee-Evans on Saturday, November 14. The nuptials, as reported by Us Weekly, took place at "London's exclusive One Marylebone Road, a neo-classical church with high ceilings, chandeliers and flowers lining the room."


Jonny's bandmates Chris Martin, Will Champion and Guy Berryman were in attendance. "X Factor" contestant Daniel Pearce and his band reportedly took the stage at the reception. No other detail of the wedding has been shared with reporters though.


Jonny Buckland has been dating Chloe Lee-Evans, who is a jewelry designer, for years. The pair has one daughter together, named Violet, who was born on November 3, 2007. It is reported that the family currently resides in London.


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